Thursday, June 3, 2010

mysteries of life

At what age is it socially acceptable to take your child to a restaurant?
I guess we'll find out.
Today will be Rhys' first day outside our apartment (not counting doctor visits)
I'm sure he'll be fine, I'm not so sure about us.


  1. I`ll bet he did just fine, he will like the outdoors. The sunshine, the people, and of course Being with MOM and DAD. Soon he will be holding your hand saying whats that, how come? Etc, I know of a child of mine once who asked a million questions, and is now smarter for that. She has learned how to reason, and not be shy in asking questions. Thanks for the Memories., Natalie. Love, DAD

  2. So how did Rhys like the 125.00 platter? Or did he find something more expensive on the menu just like "Daddy"? Hope you had fun. hehehehehe Love, Mom