Saturday, June 5, 2010

until you have one

I've had plenty of people tell me 'you won't know until you have one'. When it comes to pre-parenting advice, I think that statement takes the cake. (Side note: I think my mom is probably the leader of that movement). Anyway, I've since learned that the statement couldn't be more spot on.
There is no way to describe the feeling of being a parent, not that I am even remotely an expert on the subject; my parenting experience spanning a range of a whole 16 days. What I can say is that I have felt things I never anticipated I would feel, said things I never expected I would say and I've done things I never thought I would do. Below are some of my favorite examples thus far:

- calling a human being that weighs 8 lbs and is about as long as turkey platter 'BIG GUY'
- # of pictures of our life prior to May 20th, 2010 = 100
# of pictures of our life in the last two weeks = a whole hell of a lot
- describing the color and consistency of poop
- the term 'feeding' used to refer to barn yard animals.
- latch used to be something you used to close a door.
- burps, yawns and sneezes used to be followed by 'excuse me' they now are followed by 'THERE IT IS! GREAT JOB!'
- farts are now acceptable at any time in any situation.
- and every letter 'r' in the english language has been replaced by the letter 'w'

but fear not friends and family, our dignity is still intact. There are lines that won't be crossed, but we'll play those cards close to our chest for now for fear of becoming hypocrites! I will tell you that a minivan is on that list... (good luck Brandon).

Enjoy the pics!

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